This institution organized under the Africa Inland Church Tanzania (AICT). The college is dedicated to developing dynamic and entrepreneurial health workers who will engage and realize their full potential and that of their community, their country and the world at large. The College offers students a healthy balance between social and academic activities including lectures, discussions, research and presentations, social welfare, cultural and sporting activities
Kolandoto College of Health and Allied sciences Mwanza we are one of the top best and leading health and social science Institute in Tanzania the institute is located in MwanzaTown.
We are people of focus, committed to challenge the conventional and ourselves. We view you not as you are now but what you could be. And we strive to nurture your dream and get you there.
Kolandoto College of Health and Allied Sciences Mwanza, we are fully accredited and registered by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTVET) with registration number REG/HAS/235 P . Kolandoto College of Health and Allied sciences Mwanza campus situate at Kisesa Area -Mwanza .
· Mission and Vision
We envision to be, Reputable college in health and Allied Sciences, To meed National and International Needs
Our Mission is, to provide High Quality Training, Research And Consultancy Services in Health and Allied sciences , Though Efficient Use Of Available Resources To Meet National and International Needs
“We serve the Lord Jesus Christ”
· Why choose us
Your success is our success. Student success to us is not only a program but a pledge. We pledge to help you succeed
Student success to us is not only a program but a pledge. We pledge to help you graduate with the support of leaning communities, mentors, well thought plan and a deeply engaged experience of learning.
Studying at Kolandoto College Of Health And Allied Sciences Mwanza offers an experience that goes way beyond the classroom. From day one we help you build the real working knowledge and transferable skills that employers look for and life in the field demands.  By the time, you graduate you will feel confident and feel fully prepared to start your career.
Kolandoto College Of Health And Allied Sciences Mwanza will walk with you and help you from where you are now and diligently find means and way to take you up to a degree level.
We provide a thriving academic community and well experienced and committed academic staff where you can learn from to give you an all-around experience that you will remember for lifetime. We endeavor to provide conducive learning environment and provide resources necessary for learning.
· Our Believes
Our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the core foundation and the pillar of the institute existence.  In Him we live, in Him we move and in Him we have our being. All what we do and have is for his Glory.  This is our faith and does by no means discriminate students or faculty members of what they believe, but we rather perceive it as incredible opportunity to be enlightened by each other’s faith.
The success of our students is our success; They should be taught all what is needed timely and appropriately; They should be molded into a character which is professionally acceptable; Students should not be idle and are anticipated to abide unto the prescribed students bylaws;
We use all methods of instruction to make sure students they learn all that is required. A student here is never allowed to be idle. We keep them busy with necessary assignments and assessment in reading, writing, and practice we believe “iddle mind is workshop of devils”
Staffs are the engine of this Institution; We are organized by abiding on Kolandoto College Of Health And Allied Sciences Mwanza operational procedures and the Institute is flexible for any innovative inputs for the betterment; We work as a team and ready to voluntarily assist the roles of other areas within the Institution at any time; we are results oriented within the anticipated time frame; we do not point fingers or look for excuses but we take all the initiatives to solve any challenges within our working environment; we conduct ourselves in a disciplinary manner which reflects our core mandate when within or outside our working environment;
Every staff is here to support students to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals.